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Sunday, 24 January 2010 16:35

How your AIF dues keep the clubs in tip-top shape!

Iwould like to take a moment and explain my business plan about how your AIF dues are used to keep your club's equipment running as efficiently as the money will allow. To be competitive in an economy where the unemployment rate is over 9%, and wages are being cut back, and with over-saturation of competitors around each club, we choose to sell a lower cost membership to reach a consumer who really can't afford the higher priced clubs. With that said we had to figure out 3 things:

We are working hard with your dues to keep your clubs as clean as possible and the equipment working like new.

1 How to pay the bills while offering a low cost monthly membership.

2How do we repair our equipment and add new things at that low cost monthly rate

3How do we pay administration costs while still providing cutting-edge technology.

We had to structure our memberships to include all of the above. Our 12 month standard membership includes $24.95 administration cost plus the first month's dues, and then 11 more payments of $14.95 per month. This is a 12 month commitment with a $25.00 AIF (Annual Improvement Fee) paid in either January or July depending on when you joined. This only works with a volume of memberships.

We have built our AIF up now so we can start to do a lot more repair and you will see new entertainment systems in each club and newly refurbished signs on the equipment. Maintenance repair labor and cleaning labor is expensive; however it's very important to us and we are working hard with your dues to make your clubs as clean as possible and the equipment work like new.

Your patience with us as we transitioned into this business plan is greatly appreciated and we hope to make your club as nice as any full priced health club with a great discounted price. We want to deliver clubs that you will be proud to send your friends and family to. We are looking forward to refurbishing all the equipment in each club in the new year with your help and patience.

Thank you for your patronage,


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