Sunday January 25 2015
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12 Months to Something Better
Tracy Boone

Tracy Boone

Tracy Boone, Better Bodies Colorado.

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Saturday, 04 February 2012 21:20

Day 240 Know What You Believe In And Stand Up.

I guess what I am going to talk about today is knowing what you stand for and actually standing up for it.   I am finding that it is so important to take the time to know what i stand for in so many situations.  Also, if I am unsure, to take a step back into a situation until i do know.  I have always believed in treating others the way I want to be treated.  I stand on how the Bible works and I do my best to do that.  So when situations come up I need to know how I stand on things before I can make a decision.  Once the decision is made it is literally up to me to do it.  Sometimes it is not a good or an easy feeling, but I can honestly say when i do it, when it is finally over I feel peaceful. 

I watched my son tonight.  I took him to a very popular place to play inside because we have been snowed in for a couple of days and he definitely needed to get some exercise and play time with other children.  Well there were two not so very nice brothers that was ganging up on my son.  I checked on him a couple of times.  I sat there and I watched my son gently but firmly stand up for himself.  I am not one for fighting or anything like that, but I was very impressed on how he knew when it was right and wrong and he stood up for himself.  The Mom of the other boys came over and was cleary upset with their behavior and took them home.  All in all, with everything my son has been through with the bullying incident, he handled it very well. Then i watched my son play with the other children.  What a great night.

One thing that I have learned over the years in my training, my psychological background and just life experiences, boundaries are so important.  If I let others just trample across my boundaries, I lose myself and myself esteem.  It is so important to figure all of that out and then make a decision to stand up for myself.  Again, I am not into engaging into anything that isn't peaceful.  However, I am definitely for standing up for myself.  Rudy Guiliana said something that has stuck with me ever sense 911 happened in new York.  He said, "I learned a long time ago that who is the most peaceful in any situation wins."  Amen.

Friday, 03 February 2012 19:35

Day 239 Stand and Deliver.

I had to do one of the hardest things that i consider as being a Mom today.  I had to deliver on a promise that I know would challenge and stretch my son.  While I was in the middle of it I was screaming inside because I don't want my son to have hard times, but I also want to make sure that he has the life skills necessary to succeed.  He has been a little challenging lately.  He has started Tae Kwon Do and is really loving it.  Well as part of their program they have a Character Sheet.  On that sheet there is an area for treating family with respect.  Well I have to say I have probably given him a lot of chances.  Today I finally felt it was time to let him learn a life lesson while he is young.  I had to have him talk to the Master Instructor at his school regarding his behavior at home.  I had to step up as a Mom and be a woman of my word even when I don't want to.  I want to just protect him, but today it was finally time. 

I am so greatful for these kind of programs.  I know it is going to help him become the man he is called to be.  I have to give myself kudos as well.  I finally stepped up and took charge.  He knows I will deliver now even when I don't want too.  I think we both won today.  He has to always know that I am going to do what I say I am going to do.  I love him too much to not give him these life lessons.  It's hard doing the right thing but he will always remember that I did.

Thursday, 02 February 2012 19:08

Day 238 "A Good Name"

Tonight it is snowing outside.  We might get between 6 and 18 inches of snow.  I am sitting in front of the fire.  I am not sure I am excited about that much snow but how peaceful and relaxing is this.  I love it. 

I was reading an email from my son's teacher and I love what it had to say.  She had to repromand the class for some not so great behavior in the library today.  They had a discussion and this is what she said:

One of life’s most important lessons – in my opinion – is that  having a “good name” through our actions and behaviors and choices is irreplaceable! Please talk with your student – I know many were being good – they always are!  Discuss how important it is that they remember others will judge them by their behavior – especially bad behavior quickly.

I completely agree.  I think I can take it one step further.  What are you thinking about judging about yourself based on your behavior.  I know I am not perfect but I know that I always try to do what is right.

Wednesday, 01 February 2012 20:39

Day 237 Reach For The Stars.

In a way I cannot believe it is day 237 and in another way it feels like it is definitely day 237.  I guess I cannot believe it is day 237 because time just goes by so fast anymore.  It seems that I blink and poof another year has gone by.  I can believe it is day 237 because the change and transformation that I have come to has been trememdous in so many areas of my life. 

The one area I want to get stronger in are my workouts.  I really truly believe me takiing my professional life in an additional direction is going to excite and stimulate that in me.  I know I am going to have so much fun doing that.  I actually cannot wait.  I think this next week I am going to start working on the actual cert that I want to do and then go from there.  Should be fun and interesting.  I am trying to reach for the stars or at least the stars in my little world. 

My son had a project at school this last weekend.  It was for a thing called Kindie Star.  This is a thing where the teacher has the parents and the student make a life size poster of themselves and attach pictures about the things that best describe them.  Then the class interview that kindie star to better get to know them.  What an awesome assignment. 

So we took pictures of his dog, cat and his first horse, Santiago, that he road.  I just went through my pictures from the last couple of years with him and had him pick them out.  Wouldn't it be great if we as adults did something like that to get to know one another.  I think it would enrich our lives and our relationships.  So often we look at people so superficial and there is so much more to each and every individual.  That is why I have taken this journey.  I want to find a way to enrich my life and the lives of others while being healthy along the way.  That is my missiion. 

Oh and by the way, I got into what I call skinny jeans today.  Wow did it feel great.  What even felt better is that when my husband walked in he said Wow you look great.  Ah music to my ears.

Monday, 30 January 2012 21:34

235 See How Rich You Can Feel.

I tell you a thankful attitude is fuel for the soul.  It just breeds a positive outlooks and a humble spirit.  Two qualitities in life that I definitely want to have and represent.  It just seems to bring clarity and hope for the future.  It is so easy when things get tough to just get negetaive and once that starts there seems to be no end.  Until, I put the breaks on.  I am the only one that can do that.  It seems that once I start just looking and being thankful for those things in life, my whole momentum changes. 

I am so thankful and greatful for so many things.  I am greatful for my family, friends and loved ones.  I am thankful for my staff and my members. Also that my familly has the opportunity  to be a blessing to all of these folks.  I am thankful for my health.  I am thankful that I get to contribute to others.  I am thankful for my faith first and foremost.  I am thankful that I am able to workout and eat right  Not everyone has those choices. Try being thankful.  You will be amazed how rich you can feel.  Being thankful is a much better use of my time than focusing on what is wrong.  In this day and age that could eat me a live.  It isn't necessary or worth it.

Sunday, 29 January 2012 20:02

Day 234 I'm Back.

Today is Sunday, the day that I talk about me and my faith.  I have been out of church service for a while.  My Pastor of many years has retired and I have to say that I was heartbroken.  It has taken me a while to find my new church home but I believe I finally have accomplished that.  My son and I went to church this morning.  My son went to Sunday school and I went to adult service.  I have to say my son had the biggest smile on his face when I pickked him up.  It was like he was home.  When we got in the car he jumped up front and without saying anything just gave me a hug long hug.  Then tonight we went to their Awana program that was so much fun.  I am so relieved to finally be there.

The Pastor today spoke about how important prayer was.  He pointed out that if your motivation for the prayer doesn't have the right motivation, it probably isn't in line with God's Word.  I have to say that it felt soooo good to be back in church.  To take the time to spend time with God and other believers at the same time is so uplifting and strengthening.  These Church's are such special places.  Let's just say I am finally back.

Saturday, 28 January 2012 20:07

Day 233 Perception.

It is funny how you plan your day and when it is over, it looks like nothing you had in mind.  That is what happened to me today.  I got a last minute huge homework assignment for my son and off we went today to complete.  It was a lot of work, but it was so much fun. 

The one thing that I am noticing is that I sure make a lot out of a little.  I think with the stress of life and all of the events I have experienced, for some reason i automatically go to the tragic side or I make a big deal out of it when it really iisn't.  I didn't realize but I guess it was coming across bragging and I think I was just trying to relate to others so they might like hanging out with me.   That is an area that i am working wholeheartedly on.   Sometimes it is just life.  I guess I need to stop and take some time to figure out maybe why I am doing it.  Then maybe i can relax a little bit.  I don't want to ever come across like that.  When I help someone it is genuine.  Even when I say stuff that might be teasing, I always have the heart in the right place.  I guess I need to select my words better.  It is an art.

Tomorrow is a church day for me.  I am looking forward to it.  I think it will bring me a lot of peace.  That is something that I have done my entire life and I have recently strayed from that.  I am searching for that balance and I know that is an area that can definitely help me reach that goal. 

Friday, 27 January 2012 21:37

Day 232 Spirit of Excellence.

Today was a busy day.  My son had an awesome school program.  It was called cowboy/cowgirl night.  It has been a long time tradition with this particular school.  There were games and all kind of fun activities and then a program where the children sung and danced.  It was absolutely adorable.   The hard work and dedication of those Kindergarten Teachers is exceptional.  They do it all with excellence.  I am just so blessed that my son is able to work with them.

Tomorrow is going to start with a great workout, a trip to the chiropractor and a great eating day with lots of vegetables and fruits.  Lots of water and maybe some herbal teas.  Most importantly tonight I need to get some rest.  My son had me up in the middle of the night because he wasn't feeling well.  Once I catch up on my rest tonight I will be ready to go. 

Thursday, 26 January 2012 20:33

Day 231 Balance.

Well I had another power week.  I am officially taking tomorrow off.  Whew! I am tired and ready for a break. I am bound and determined to become more balanced.  I just am not going to not work myself to the bone anymore.

I am Christian and my Pastor Retired over a year ago.  I think Ifinally have a place that I am comfortable with.  I am looking forward to that.  I have always gone to church and when I don't definitely feels like something is missing.  They have Sunday school, Awana, I am looking forward to it.  Again, it is all about creating balance.  With my faith being such an important part of who I am, this is a huge peace to bring back into my life.

Tomorrow I am also going to grab a really great workout with cardio weights and some Yoga.  Should feel really great.

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