Sunday January 25 2015
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12 Months to Something Better
12 Months to Motivation

12 Months to Motivation (73)

Well it is officially 12 months sense my last birthday.  Today is my 43rd birthday and I have to say that I have learned a lot over the past twelve months.  I think it was mostly because I was focused on this project.  I know that whatever focus I have there will always be improvement and change.  The same goes for lack of focus. No focus no improvement.

As I recap I have learned to love myself and my life.  I have learned to take my daily destiny and attitude in my own hands.  Others should not effect my daily mood.  I had a lot of heartaches and tragedies over this last year.  Most people who are close to me are blown away by the intensity of events that have surrounded my life.   I am still standing. 

I have learned that it takes just as much energy to love instead of reacting badly to others in any situation.  I have learned to slow down and pay attention to what is going on minute by minute instead of life just passing me by. I have learned to not put life and death pressure on myself to workout. I just simply enjoy working out because I like how I feel and it is just who I am.

As I sit here today I am completely humbled and let me tell you why.  Two nights ago my Mom was at my house.  She had some symptoms and all of a sudden in my gut I needed her to go to the emergency room.  Her back was hurting as well as her chest.  She would not go because she was afraid. She told me she would be ok.  She wasn't.  I called my sister and had her intercept her when she got home because they live near each other. She did and by then my Moms symptoms increased.   They immediately left to the emergency room.  Well a long story made short,  she had a 90 percent blockage in her mane artery of her heart.  We managed to get her in before she had a heart damaging attack.  

I have had so many people ask me what I wanted to do for my birthday.  I am so grateful and umbel that my Mom is still here and alive and well today.  I feel rich today because I can still call my Mom up and say I love you to her. That is my gift this year.  I have really learned what is important in my life and my character as ll as my faith.  I am stopping and making sure those are my focuses.  At the end of the day that is what really matter.  

Monday, 27 February 2012 21:58

Day 263 Give Back One Life At A Time.

Written by Tracy Boone

I tell you I was thinking about what my Pastor said at the church this last weekend.  Basically if my car, it is not heading in the right or wrong direction.  There is no place to go because it is stopped.   I know he might of said it a bit differently than I just explained, but I hope you get what I am saying.   There are some things that I have been wanting to do and I think it is time to do it.  I am not sure how and when, but I really want to be able to do it. 

The one thing that I am surprised about his year is how much I enjoy working with children.  I am so fired up when I see the hope in these little one's eyes.  What an awesome responsibility that teachers and educators have with these young minds.  It is truly an honor and a pirlviedge to help these little ones and teachers.  I am completely stimulated when I am there.  Almost like I feel at home. 

In January we were invited to their health fair to participate in educating and celebrating healthy lifestyles and fitness.  I was completely excited about maybe starting a children's program in one way shape or form at our facilitieis.  My personal dream would be a writer for Children and Parents to encourage and send a message of hope.   I challenge you today to help a young person with a leg up.  Even if it is just saying, I think you are great, or I think you can do anything you put your mind too.  Wouldn't all of us loved to hear that when we are growing up.  It is our chance to encourage and give back one life at a time.

Thursday, 23 February 2012 21:32

Day 257,258 and 259 Back On Track.

Written by Tracy Boone

Well I have to confess I have had a few days that have been overloaded and I didn't get a chance to blog.  I really should of been kicking  myself, but you know what, I am doing the best that I can.  That has to be good enough.

Boy you know I am so proud of my son.  He is working so hard at school and at Tae Kwon Do.  We have at least two hours of homework a night between school and Martial Arts.  Then he has completed his character sheets where we have to log the information that he has accomplished.  What is really awesome is that he gets to test for his Yellow stripe belt this Saturday so he can see what his hard work has accomplished.  Also he has earned enough character points by completing his work for a gold metal.

It is so important to be on a routine.  One for exercise and life.  But most inportantly to accomplish what is important to you in your life.  If your health is important to you and it should be, then you should have a routine for exercise and eating healthy.  Then if there is extra time for other things that aren't as important so be it.  However, it is so important to set priorities and stick by them.  It will make you true to yourself and what is important to you.  You will have a lot of peace doing that.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 13:04

Day 250 Happy Valentine's Day!

Written by Tracy Boone

It is now my 250th day on this quest for something better.  I have a date with my husband today while my son is at school.  I just finished up my accounting and I am off.  Then after school we are headed out as a family for some dinner together.  It should be a lot of fun. 

I want to wish everyone out there Happy Valentine's Day.  If you don't have a Valentine, be your own Valnentine and go out and celebrate YOU!  Take a minute and just appreciate and care about YOU.  Life is so precious and we are only here but a blink.  We need to be good to ourselves.  Have a very safe and fun day. 

Saturday, 11 February 2012 21:30

Day 247 New Motivation.

Written by Tracy Boone

Today my husband and I decided to book a trip to Los Angeles, California for two days to go the largest trade show for the fitness industry.  I am going to look at new classes that are hot and new and my husband is looking at what is new in equipment and flooring etc.  The event is in March.  It just is a great event.  Thousands of people coming together around the world that are a part of this fantastic industry.  The energy at this convention center is going to be off the charts.  I am going to take a few new certifications this year and I wanted to check out what is going to be the best options. 

I need to do some serious training before then.  I want to be in top shape when I go.  I am doing ok now, but this gives me some motivation to definitely up my game. Here is my new challenge.  I am definitely getting more balanced with everything that I am juggling so it is now time to intensify the exercise.   Cardio resistance training and Yoga with some pilates reformer in there and I am going to do some plyometric training just to make things a lot more interesting.  Nothing like a trip with some of the top instructors, fitness professionals in the world to get up and get going.  Awesome. 

Friday, 10 February 2012 20:07

246 One Day at a Time.

Written by Tracy Boone

You know how things can just seem like the bad stuff just is never going to end.  Just when you think you don't know if you can stand one more bad thing and then in an instant, one by one, things begin to change.  I have to honestly say one by one things are looking up for me and my family.   Thank God.  Whew.  I am so grateful for that.

I tell you the one thing that I can always say is that when times get tough, just stand, hang in there and eventually things are going to get better.  There is a song I am not sure who wrote or sang it but it went something like this, "One day at a time sweet Jesus".    Sometimes if we just take one day at a time or go one foot in front of the other, eventually you will find your way.  Oh yes and don't forget to Breath.  If anyone out there is having a tough time, hang in there.  You are not alone and just believe it is going to get better.

Thursday, 09 February 2012 19:42

Day 245 Hard Work Pays Off.

Written by Tracy Boone

I just had the greatest time filling out Valentines's with my son.  Wow does that bring back memories.  Ths year he addressed and signed them all himself.  What an amazing improvment.   He is an example of how much change can happen in one year with a lot of hard work.  Just like what i am doing, a lot of change with a lot of hard work. 

One other item you should know is that he is so eager to learn he has helped me type quite a bit of this blog tonight with my help.  He always wants to try hard and always try to achieve.  Something we can all aspire too.  5


Friday, 03 February 2012 19:35

Day 239 Stand and Deliver.

Written by Tracy Boone

I had to do one of the hardest things that i consider as being a Mom today.  I had to deliver on a promise that I know would challenge and stretch my son.  While I was in the middle of it I was screaming inside because I don't want my son to have hard times, but I also want to make sure that he has the life skills necessary to succeed.  He has been a little challenging lately.  He has started Tae Kwon Do and is really loving it.  Well as part of their program they have a Character Sheet.  On that sheet there is an area for treating family with respect.  Well I have to say I have probably given him a lot of chances.  Today I finally felt it was time to let him learn a life lesson while he is young.  I had to have him talk to the Master Instructor at his school regarding his behavior at home.  I had to step up as a Mom and be a woman of my word even when I don't want to.  I want to just protect him, but today it was finally time. 

I am so greatful for these kind of programs.  I know it is going to help him become the man he is called to be.  I have to give myself kudos as well.  I finally stepped up and took charge.  He knows I will deliver now even when I don't want too.  I think we both won today.  He has to always know that I am going to do what I say I am going to do.  I love him too much to not give him these life lessons.  It's hard doing the right thing but he will always remember that I did.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 19:44

Day 236 We Are So Much More Than What We See.

Written by Tracy Boone

My son had a project at school this last weekend.  It was for a thing called Kindie Star.  This is a thing where the teacher has the parents and the student make a life size poster of themselves and attach pictures about the things that best describe them.  Then the class interview that kindie star to better get to know them.  What an awesome assignment. 

So we took pictures of his dog, cat and his first horse, Santiago, that he road.  I just went through my pictures from the last couple of years with him and had him pick them out.  Wouldn't it be great if we as adults did something like that to get to know one another.  I think it would enrich our lives and our relationships.  So often we look at people so superficial and there is so much more to each and every individual.  That is why I have taken this journey.  I want to find a way to enrich my life and the lives of others while being healthy along the way.  That is my missiion. 

Oh and by the way, I got into what I call skinny jeans today.  Wow did it feel great.  What even felt better is that when my husband walked in he said Wow you look great.  Ah music to my ears.

Friday, 27 January 2012 21:37

Day 232 Spirit of Excellence.

Written by Tracy Boone

Today was a busy day.  My son had an awesome school program.  It was called cowboy/cowgirl night.  It has been a long time tradition with this particular school.  There were games and all kind of fun activities and then a program where the children sung and danced.  It was absolutely adorable.   The hard work and dedication of those Kindergarten Teachers is exceptional.  They do it all with excellence.  I am just so blessed that my son is able to work with them.

Tomorrow is going to start with a great workout, a trip to the chiropractor and a great eating day with lots of vegetables and fruits.  Lots of water and maybe some herbal teas.  Most importantly tonight I need to get some rest.  My son had me up in the middle of the night because he wasn't feeling well.  Once I catch up on my rest tonight I will be ready to go. 

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