Monday January 26 2015
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Tuesday, 28 February 2012 21:15

Day 264 Always Give Back.

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I was able to give back today.  I am starting to use my nutritional background to help people again.  A goal that I have is to have a website just for that.  Who knows this maybe the start of something great.  I hope so.  But I got to tell you it felt great to get back in there in the swing of things.  I have to be behind the scenes so much that I actually was able to get out there  and help a friend with encouragement, advise and a plan of action.  I forgot how much I miss that.

It is so easy to get so involved in our own lives, when the happiest we are is when we are helping someone else.  I really believe it gives us a purpose and a hope for our own lives when we do that.  Give and it shall be given back to you.  In my heart that isn't why I give but it is just the principles in giving.  I give truly just to help enrich someone elses life.  If I can do a small thing to help make someone elses life a little easier and better, I am there.  I think it softens our hearts and it humbles us.  At least I know that is what I experience. 


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Tracy Boone

Tracy Boone

Tracy Boone, Better Bodies Colorado.


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