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Thursday, 17 March 2011 15:56

The Deltoid Workout

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Building massive and powerful deltoids is easy when you follow this routine. You will need to make sure you get plenty of rest in between workouts and eat nutrient dense meals high in quality protein. The deltoids are worked to a degree when you do biceps, chest and back exercises so we really want to isolate them with this routine. Lets get started.

1. Warm up the deltoids before you start by doing light side lateral raises with dumb bells. Do this for 2 sets of 15-18 repetitions.

2. Use a Smith machine and a bench. 4 sets of of seated front presses using weight that you can do 12-15 repetitions, 10-12 repetitions, 8-10 repetitions, and 6-8 repetitions. Increase the weight each set.

3. Side lateral raise. This can be done several ways but let's do dumb bell side lateral raises. Start with dumb bells in front of you and raise them up to parallel with your shoulders. Do not use momentum and do not go above parallel as this will cause an impingement in your joint and can result in injury. Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions, 8-10 repetition and 6-8 repetitions increase the weight each set.

4. Front dumb bell raises 3 sets 10-12 repetitions, 8-10 repetitions, 6-8 repetitions. increasing the weight each set. Again do not go above shoulder parallel.

5. Rear deltoids. Use an incline bench and lay face down and lift the dumb bells with your thumbs down up to shoulder parallel. 3 sets 10-12 repetitions, 8-10 repetitions. 6-8 repetitions. increase the weight with each set.

This will give you a tremendous workout if you keep your intensity high with little rest between sets. I can't stress enough the impingement factor when working deltoids. I do not recommend behind the neck presses for this reason. YOU WILL BE INJURED! Momentum takes the intensity out of the workout so don't swing the dumb bells. I hope this helps you. Thanks, Reid.

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