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Thursday, 03 February 2011 10:32

Training The Core

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The most crucial area of the body to be trained is the core. It is the body's foundation just like the foundation of a building. The stronger your core the stronger you can become throughout your body. Core muscles are used substantially everyday and need to be trained in some way each day. Muscles that are used each day are harder to develop like calves. With core muscles higher repetitions work best especially for abs. Abdominal muscles can develop like any other muscle and while we all want that six pack we must be careful not to allow the trunk area to grow in the process. Low reps with higher weight will make your abs grow. Keep your reps and sets high to keep your waistline small.

The best thing I did when training my core was to attack it from all angles. If you are a beginner you must start off slow and make sure you develop the muscles before exerting to much effort and injuring yourself. Check with a physician to make sure you are capable of doing core work before starting. Nutrition is key in developing rock hard abs and lowering body fat. The body does not spot reduce well and all core work must be accompanied by training the rest of the body as well and doing cardio exercise for above 30-40 minutes a day. With that said let's begin:

Abdominal Crunches: The abdominal crunch focuses on flattening, toning and strengthening your front abdominal muscles and lower back. This exercise can be performed on the floor or an exercise ball. Keep your abdominal muscles tight as you perform the crunch to prevent lower back injury. Interlace you fingers behind your neck BUT do not pull on your neck while performing this exercise. Keep your feet planted firmly on the floor while lying on your back and allow the abdominal muscles to contract while keeping your lower back on the floor. Higher reps when you are conditioned 3-4 sets of 25-50 reps.

Reverse Crunches: Using an exercise ball lying flat on your back put the exercise ball between your legs and lift your knees to your chest 3-4 sets 25-50 reps.

Side crunches: Using an exercise ball lay on your side on the ball keep your neck and head straight and crunch to the side 3-4 sets 25-50- reps and then turn to the other side.

Back extention: Use the excersise ball and lay face down interlacing your fingers behind your neck (keep your balance) and raise your upper torso to paralell and then back down 3-4 sets 25 reps.

These excersises will get you started on a great core workout. Their are many other excersises for the core. You may also include classes in the Group X room or see a professional trainer to expand your workouts. See you in the gym. Thanks Reid.

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