Monday January 26 2015
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Fitness Program Design is FREE with Your Membership

The MY BBF WORKOUT PLAN is designed to help you reach goals!

This Workout Plan is meant to empower you to get your body into condition as well as learn your way around the gym. It’s also meant to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

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Better Bodies Fitness workout card

About Setting Goals:

Goals should be something you can control. You cannot control if you lose inches or weight. You can control how many workouts you complete. So, let’s get started!

Starting Goals:
  • Workout 3 times weekly
  • Do cardio and upper body one day
  • Do cardio and lower body one day
  • Take a GroupEx class one day
  • Perform, slow controled movements
  • Do not 'spot train;' focus on the whole body

Your Better Bodies Team Member will help you design and understand a fitness program.

Design is FREE with your membership.

Call or visit your gym and talk to a Better Bodies Team Member. We're here to help.

Don't have a membership? Click here to buy online now. Take your receipt to the location of your choice and you'll be working out in no time at all!


Get Your Free Pass ... Build Your Better Body


Your Family & Friends are welcome

Use this One Free Visit guest pass to see for yourself why better Better Bodies is different than many corporate franchised fitness centers.

Committing to a health and fitness lifestyle is a big step; many find it's a more enjoyable journey with a friend or family member along for the ride. Feel free to print an extra pass for anyone you'd like to invite along.

Better Bodies trainers will show you around our huge workout areas and then you'll have time to your self for a great workout.

Use all Club Features:
  • Group Classes
  • Free Weight Area
  • Cardio Training
  • Basketball
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Employment Opportunities

Better Bodies Fitness Opportunities Better Bodies has employment opportunities in Membership Sales, Customer Service, Group Fitness, Yoga Instructors, Pilates Instructors, Zumba Instructors, and Personal Training.
Click here to apply online.
Contact us for more information.

Includes Group Fitness Classes...

Group Cycling at Better Bodies

Group classes are included with all membership options

Check your club location: class offerings vary by location.

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